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Weinstein Violins

Andrew Weinstein



Founded in 1980 in Boston, Shannon Strings relocated in 1993 to the historic town of Concord, Massachusetts, about 20 miles west of Boston.  After 30 years of operation by founders Andrew Weinstein and Rebecca Shannon, Rebecca has departed from the business.  The business will continue running under the name of Shannon Strings as well as Weinstein Violins.

Building Violins

Having graduated from the Kenneth Warren and Son School of Violin Making (now the Chicago School of Violin Making) back in late 1978, I’ve been in the business for a while.  I won a Gold Medal for Cello at the VSA Competition in Ottawa in 1984, when the judges were Hans Weisshaar, William Moennig, and Charles Beare.  I enjoy using a variety of models and have made instruments inspired by Camilli, Landolfi, Gagliano, Amati, most of the Guarneri family, and Stradavari .  While I respect some of the groundbreaking work done by Joseph Curtin and others, I tend towards a very traditional approach. While it can be hard to discern how much of the beauty of the old masterpieces comes from their use and patina, it is hard to deny that the most beautiful instruments were made in Italy centuries ago, and recreating that beauty is a goal to which I aspire.  It is encouraging that Stradivari was my current age in 1700 and his best work still was yet to come.  I enjoy some of the small details that can make or break an instrument.  One example is the purfling, which I make myself, and it has a handmade look thanks to irregularities in the thickness.  Commercial purfling is to me the equivalent of vinyl siding on a house.

Fine Instruments and Bows

Weinstein Violins has a large collection of instruments and bows, carefully selected to offer the best artistic quality, structural integrity, and tone in all price ranges.  Other than the instruments that I make I mainly have vintage instruments and bows for sale.  Please look at my website for more info on our inventory of fine instruments and bows as well as services offered, strings and accessories at competitive prices, helpful articles on maintaining your instrument, and informative pieces on special instruments.  


Playing an instrument is a gratifyingly personal experience and we hope to be able to assist you in finding the sound and feel you are looking for in your next violin, viola, or cello.  Please note that we will continue to work strictly by appointment so that we can offer you the highest level of service.  

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